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Billy as Sora

A friend of mine said he wanted a commision of himself - but he's not certain exactly in what kind of outfit. He showed me a picture of his Sora Cosplay outfit, and I found my pencil moving across paper before I knew what hit me. This isn't his Order, as he hasn't really given it to me yet, but.. eh.. I'm an artist. Call it a "Prelim' Sketch" to show I can do Disney x-over with Anime. ;-P To compair photo to sketch:
What's your opinion?

brenna 2 commish Commission #2 by Branna:
Personal Character done 'Disney Princess' Style.


Just a note here... You may have noticed I do a LOT of Fan Art.. but that's what the buyers wanted. In NO WAY do I own any of the Yugioh or other characters depected in these arts, EXCEPT where I state I do (Ex. Bastet's Gift or AnkhAmmun.)