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HI! I'm Monica, KD's main - and currently Only -Artisian.

Looking for art styled in a Disney aspect? I can do that. How about Anime? I'm good at that too! You'd rather a painting? That's great! I love to paint. I do Bead working too. Need something special? More 'Spiritually Intuned'? Well, I do Psychic Art as well.

Not sure what Psychic Art is? That's where I sketch when talking to the customer.. I draw the impressions I get from the Customer. It's sort of like a Tarot Reading or an Aura reading.. but with Pencil and Paper, rather then cards or crystal balls and the like. Since Psychic Art is Special and a Rare thing, I don't have a price listed for it below as it may change varying on the intensity within the image. One person it could end up as just a basic sketch, another it might end up being a Painting.

A person who I do Spiritual Art for is ONLY CHARGED if they deside they WANT the peice of work, And is the ONLY peice I don't ask for a 'down payment' on. (I ask for $5 USD upfront for any of the Art peices as sort of a means for the customer to let me know they're serious about wanting the item.)

Basic (cleaned) Sketch:
$20 USD
Painting (9x11):
$75 USD
$30 USD
Painting (16x20):
$125 USD
Colored (Pencil):
$40 USD
Painting (18x21):
$150 USD
Colored (Computer):
$55 USD
Beaded Earrings:
$10 USD per pair
Beaded Bracelet/Anklet:
$20 USD
Beaded Bracelet/Anklet w/ Charm: $25 USD

If you would like just a Digital Copy, and not the Hard Origonal Copy, $5 will be taken off Basic or Inked Sketches. There's a $10 discount on either Colored picture if you would like just a Digital Copy.

Paintings recieve discounts if you buy more then one, and can differ depending on the Size you choose, and the Amount you purchase. Paintings do NOT recieve Digital copies. You will recieve the full Item.

Prices on beaded items are for -basic- designs. The more complicated the item, the more expensive. Example: A simple beaded necklace with a pendant is only 20; An Egyptian Pectorial (Necklace-Collar) would be more complicated, require several times the amount of beads, so it would cost more. Probably about $50 USD, or more, depending on the intricacy the buyer wanted.

If you would like your item framed, please let me know, and the price of adding your choice of Frame will be added to the purchase.

I, unfortunately, had to raise prices by $5 due to the $4 shipping charge for the Sketches. Shipping on the Paintings will differ from purchase to purchase due to the size and weight of the items.